Wear Ever Cast Lite Frying Pan


Cast iron is unbeatable for heat transfer and even cooking….but there are downsides…the extreme weight, and surprisingly porous surface that needs to be treated & cleaned properly for optimum performance. On the other end of the spectrum, non-stick cook wear is often not as durable prone to scratching and heating up too intensely.


Lately I had the opportunity to try out WearEver’s new Cast Lite Fry Pan which is designed to bridge the gap between performance and durability. The secret is cast aluminum made of a 50% lighter material than normal cast-iron. It's cooking properties like searing and deglazing are almost identical to cast iron yet require absolutely no cooking oils or sprays. Heat distribution is also noticeably more even. And my favorite ...the dishwasher-safe surface literally repels cooking residue.


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Here's how it works with gluten free corn pancakes, a very delicate batter prone to burning quickly.