Kids’ Thanksgiving Playlist

While the kids in your family are busy making paper turkeys and pilgrim hats, they can listen to these festive songs.

Think of all the nostalgic shows and movies you’d watch on Thanksgiving — from Charlie Brown to Miracle on 34th Street — and the songs that go along with them.

These are the things you remember years later when you look back on childhood Thanksgivings, so make music a part of the holiday repertoire for the kids in your life. Let them pitch in too and suggest a song! 

Thanksgiving Playlist for Kids:

1. The Thankfulness Song — Veggie Tales 

2. Thanksgiving Theme — Vince Guaraldi Trio (Charlie Brown)

3. Thank You for the World So Sweet 

4. The Turkey Song — Bryant Oden 

5. Island in the Sun — Weezer 

6. Be Our Guest — Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

7. You’ve Got a Friend in Me — Toy Story Soundtrack 

8. Over the River and Through the Wood — Lydia Maria Child


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