Kids' Sugar Intake Comes From Food, Not Soda

A study shows that kids are still eating too much sugar

Sure, we've been giving juice a lot of flak for being too sugary and all, but it seems like kids get most of their sugar from processed food rather than soda and juice.

The CDC found that while the kids may consume less added sugar than before, the numbers are still high. Boys between the ages of 2 and 19 on average consume 362 kilocalories a day from added sugars. Girls take in 282 kilocalories a day.

Of course, as kids get older, sugar intake increases.

"Boys 12 to 19 got 442 calories [a day] from [added] sugar," study author Dr. Cynthia L. Ogden told WebMD. "A little over three regular sodas a day would give you that."

Some other suprising finds? More sugars came from processed foods like pasta sauces, muffins, cookies, etc. Furthermore, more of these sugar calories were eaten at home, instead of at school or at restaurants. So watch out for those pesky teenagers by keeping your kitchen free of sugars, syrups, honey, molasses, and processed food. This is going to be tough.