KFC Philippines Introduces 'Cheese Top Burger'

We're not even sure how this all works

In the world of new food items, KFC's Double Down might seem to be the epitome of excess. Yet here they are, launching another burger that actually has us scratching our heads.

Announced on their Philippines Facebook page (and seen on Buzzfeed), the brand's latest concoction is something called the "Cheese Top Burger."

"The first and only cheese topped bun burger with KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken patty with rich Garlic Parmesan dressing," the page advertises. And literally, as shown in the picture below, there is a cheese slice on top of the burger.

While this is hardly mind-blowing, the change does not adhere to any rules of common sense. Melted cheese on top of a burger bun only means melted cheese will get all over your fingers (and the wrapper) instead of in your mouth. Unless it creates a sort of hardened shell, which is not particularly appetizing.

Check out the photo below. Genius or impractical? Discuss.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.