Teens Break Into Church to Cook Pizza

A pastor complains teens keep breaking into church to cook pizza

Two teenagers have reportedly broken into a Kentucky church four times in the past two months to cook pizzas in the church kitchen and mock the security cameras.

A pair of nefarious youths has allegedly been breaking into a Kentucky church to cook pizzas, and the pastor is having none of it.

According to Gawker, Pastor Troy Winters of Dry Ridge’s Open Door Baptist Church in Dry Ridge, Ky., says two teenagers have been regularly breaking into his church to cook pizzas, destroy property, and mock the security cameras. They haven’t stolen anything, and Winters says he believes it is the same two teens who have broken into the church on multiple different occasions to “taunt” the cameras and cook pizzas in the church’s kitchen.

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Winters does not know the identity of the miscreants, but says he thinks the same two teenage boys have broken into the church four times in the last two months for their youthful shenanigans. Despite their taste for mocking security cameras, the boys have yet to be identified. Winters says he is offering a $250 reward for anyone who can identify the two pizza-cooking teenagers.