Kentucky Derby Drinking Game

Rules for partying in the hours leading up to the "fastest two minutes in sports"

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The Kentucky Derby may be the the "fastest two minutes in sports" but it's an exhaustive couple hours of pre-coverage waiting for the race to actually start. 

If you're at a viewing party, all decked out for the occasion with a strong bourbon-based drink in your hand, there's really no better way to pass the time than to play a drinking game. Just print out the rules below to get in on the action — we guarantee it will make the suspense of the race all the more exciting (and make losing a bet a little easier to swallow). 


• Every time the horse named "Stay Thirsty" is mentioned, take a sip.

• If the track is muddy, take a sip.

• Whenever a celebrity is shown on TV, take a sip.

• Whenever Millionaire's Row is show on TV, take a sip.

• Every time an announcer mentions a mint julep, take a sip (take two if you're actually drinking a mint julep).

• Whenever the announcers refer to the race as the "fastest" or "most exciting" two minutes in sports, take two sips.

• Every time an announcer makes an inappropriate joke about a horse's name, take two sips. 

• If a woman is wearing a big hat that is either hot pink, yellow, or blue, take two sips (take an additional sip if it has fake flowers, a giant bow, or other ornaments on it).

• If a woman's hat matches the color of her outfit, take two sips.

• Whenever a man is show wearing an obviously ridiculous hat, take two sips.

• If any kind of record is broken, take three sips. 

• If it's a photo-finish, take three sips. 

• If the long shot wins, finish your drink.

• If Stay Thirsty wins, finish your drink.

• If you win your bet, finish your drink (and then pour yourself another!)