Kelly Osbourne's Fiance Helps Her Eat Healthily

The singer's engagement to a vegan chef has its benefits

Kelly Osbourne's fiance helps her stay on track with her healthy eating habits.

Kelly Osbourne’s impending nuptials aren’t the only thing keeping her conscious of what she eats.          

According to a recent People magazine article, the famous singer’s fiancé, Matthew Mosshart, is a vegan chef and helped Osbourne realize the importance of eating healthily. “We’re very big on substitutes and making our own condiments,” she said on a recent episode of The Talk. “He made me realize how many calories and how much bad stuff is in it…He has showed me a whole new sector of food I thought I’d never eat…and it’s yummy!”


The pair kept their engagement a secret for six months and only recently disclosed their plans to marry. “In Hollywood people don’t realize that you get married for love,” Osbourne said. “They think you get married for attention and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to do another reality show.”