Kate Middleton Prefers This Pizza Topping to Pepperoni

The Duchess of Cambridge discusses “spicy” toppings, and whether the queen has eaten pizza
Duchess of Cambridge
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/The Daily Meal

When you’re royalty, you can be just as picky as you choose about food. And the Duchess of Cambridge definitely has her pizza preferences, and she's not afraid to share them with the youth of today.

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In a video shared to Twitter by Rebecca English, the ideally named royal correspondent for the Daily Mail newspaper, Prince William’s wife is seen making pizza with grade school students at King Henry’s Walk community garden in north London.

Their passionate pizza discussion runs the gamut. One young boy suggests cucumber as a pizza topping, and the duchess reacts with mock horror. Moving on to discuss toppings she does like, the royal has a suggestion.

“Does anyone ever put bacon on a pizza? Bacon’s great,” she says. The kids sound a little unsure, but she gamely sells them on it. “I quite like that actually,” the duchess says. “It’s like having pepperoni but it’s not as spicy.”

Some pizza lovers on Twitter found this a shocking indictment of the duchess’ ability to appreciate hot foods, but I think she was just playing to the room – kids likely do find pepperoni spicier than bacon. Especially if she was referring to typical English bacon, which is closer in taste to Canadian bacon than traditional American bacon.

And then one of the kids has a question that stumps the duchess: Has the queen ever had pizza?

“That is such a good question,” answers the diplomatic duchess. “I don’t know…maybe the next time I see her, should I ask?”

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Now the queen has had 92 years of traveling the world and dining on internationally renowned meals from the world’s best chefs. It seems likely that she’s been served pizza at some point, perhaps on a visit to Italy.  Though we would guess it was a very upper crust affair, probably went undocumented by photographers, and silverware was almost certainly used. Queen Elizabeth II is not one for scooping up a skinny New York-style slice with her hands. Here’s a look at what the British royal family really eats at home.