Kate Hudson Won’t Cut It Out With Her Crazy Cutting-Board Collection

The actress doesn’t seem to get bored with this useful cooking accessory
Kate Hudson
Starstock | Dreamstime.com

A photo of Kate Hudson in her kitchen recently went viral due to an overload of a certain kitchen accessory. But the Oscar-nominated actress seemed to have a sense of humor about the attention, and even played along with a witty response.

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It also started with a People magazine article in which Hudson, star of such films as “Almost Famous” and “Bride Wars,” discussed her role as ambassador for WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Hudson is seen in a video wearing newborn daughter Rani Rose. But it’s not sleepy little Rani who sparked the interest in the post – instead, it’s the massive collection of cutting boards visible behind the mother and daughter.

“Just a note to anyone shopping for Kate Hudson this holiday season,” Twitter user @karenehowell wrote in a tweet sent out Dec. 17. “She doesn’t need any more cutting boards.”

Good point. We count about a dozen wooden cutting boards, of all shapes and sizes, leaning up against the wall behind Hudson.

Fans “wood-n’t” stop joking about the collection. “If you come over to her house and DON’T get presented with a charcuterie board, you should feel personally insulted,” tweeted @mattscalici.

And one fan imagined a conversation between Hudson and a relative.

But the actress herself got the last laugh on Dec. 19 when she tweeted out an Instagram image of a cutting board with a knife, zucchini, avocado and two bananas on it, adding the caption, “Guys ... got a new cutting board.”

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Hey, it’s not like she has dozens of silver telephone dialers (shoutout to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Cutting boards are a useful kitchen item, and can one really have enough? If Hollywood stars are in your eyes, here are 35 places in L.A. where you’re likely to spot celebrities.