Justin Timberlake Asks You to 'Veg Out' for Veganville

In this 'SNL' skit, he dresses up as tofu and sings vegan riffs on Rihanna, Vanilla Ice, and Billy Idol

If you weren't holed up on Saturday night watching Justin Timberlake do his thing on SNL, you did this weekend wrong. (Unless you don't have a TV. Then you're fine).

Of course, one of the best skits of the night (along with Stefan coming back with spring bar recommendations and Donald Duck voice) happened to involve Justin Timberlake, not donning a suit and tie, but a tofu cube. Because JT in anything, singing riffs on Rihanna, Billy Idol, and Vanilla Ice, is just our cup of tea. Also, the Harlem Shake makes an appearance.

Watch below (courtesy of Daily Motion) as JT convinces us all to go vegan via song and dance, tries his hand at rapping, and sings, "We found love in a meatless place/ We found love in a meatless place... dance break I wish I had some glowsticks."  Then head on over to Twitter account (obviously that had to happen) TofuJustinTimberlake. "I’m bringin’ tempeh back... them other soys don’t know how to act." Um, yes. Keep it coming.