Court Rules Couple Cannot Name Baby ‘Nutella’

A French couple thought Nutella was a pretty baby name

A French judge barred a couple from naming their baby girl Nutella. 

Nutella is a very popular snack, and one French couple liked it so much they thought “Nutella” would be a pretty name for a baby girl. A judge disagreed, however, and said this week that it was not acceptable to name a baby after a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.

According to The Local, a couple from Northern France attempted to name their baby girl Nutella, but the judge said the child “risked being mocked” and that Nutella was not an appropriate name for a little girl. Instead, he decreed that her name would be changed to Ella.

A completely different couple, also in the northern part of France, faced a similar conundrum when they tried to name their daughter Fraise, or “Strawberry.” Another judge also said that being named after a strawberry would cause potential teasing, so he changed that baby’s name to “Fraisine,” which is an old French name.

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