Judge Defeats New York City Soda Ban in New Decision

Your large sugary drinks are saved after all, New Yorkers

The soda ban has been defeated.

A last-minute plot twist in the New York City soda ban: there is no more soda ban. The New York Post and other outlets are breaking the news that a judge has invalidated Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban that was to go into effect tomorrow. 

New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling had some harsh words on the soda ban in the ruling on Monday, the New York Post shares, and called it "fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences." Tingling also noted that there was no way to effectively enforce the ban throughout the city. "The simple reading of the rule leads to the earlier acknowledged uneven enforcement even within a particular city block, much less the city as a whole… the loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the state purpose of the rule," Tingling wrote in his decision. 


The ruling comes in at the 11th hour, as New Yorkers were to expect new changes to their coffee orders, bottle service carafes, and large sodas (well, except the  Big Gulps). So far, there's been no word as to whether Bloomberg will fight back on the ruling, as it's a major defeat for the Public Health Board's decision. We guess if you're among the 60 percent of New Yorkers who disagreed with the ban, you can toast each other with a sugary venti Frappuccino.