Jimmy Kimmel Fans Prank Wives with Chocolate Boxes of Bugs

The comedian asks people to forgo romance for comedy

Sure, we were down when Jimmy Kimmel had parents pretend to eat their kids' Halloween candy, or pretend to give their kids terrible Christmas presents. Heck, we were even OK with them trying to serve pre-chewed food to their babies.

But this one? We're questioning it. In the latest YouTube challenge, Jimmy Kimmel had fans give their girlfriend or wife a terrible Valentine's Day gift, and most of them involved chocolate boxes containing bugs. Super classy, guys.

The worst gifts involved kidney stone rings instead of diamonds, detergent to do the dishes (she reacts properly, saying,' YOU f*cking a**hole"), and of course, chocolate boxes filled with bugs (mostly alive) and snakes. Lovely.

While most of these are fairly unimaginative, we can only hope that these men brought consolation gifts for their loved ones, lest they miss out on other fun Valentine's Day activities. Watch the video below, and please, if future dates are reading this, don't do this. Or you owe us, big time.

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