Jimmy John's Secret Menu: The Slim BLT

Jimmy John’s knows you want bacon

The Slim BLT is like a BLT, but with only the B.

Ordering your sandwich at Jimmy John’s is a scientifically streamlined process. Heck, there’s no toaster, there are only three different “bread” options (French, wheat, and lettuce wrap), six different kinds of meat, and only provolone cheese. But just because the menu is pretty slim doesn’t mean that there’s no “secret” menu. There’s only one item on it, but it’s a cool one: the Slim BLT.

According to a post from an ex-employee on Awesome Possum, only store managers know about this sandwich, so you might get a funny look if you order it. However, it sounds pretty wacky: an 8-inch French loaf with six slices of bacon in it. And that’s it.

We wouldn’t call it a healthy lunch, exactly, but it’s certainly straightforward. The “slim” menu offerings are essentially just meat, cheese, and bread, with no vegetables, so the name is actually pretty tongue-in-cheek. We suggest you spruce it up with some actual lettuce and tomato. 


And one other "secret" tip: if you order a "Noah's Ark," you'll get a Gargantuan with double the meat.