Jimmy John's Menu: Unhealthiest Giant Club Sandwiches

It’s possible to eat healthy at this chain, but also possible to be really unhealthy

Jimmy John's Gourmet Veggie Club contains 60 grams of fat!

The Jimmy John’s menu is streamlined and refined to make it as easy as possible for the employees to make your sub and send you on your merry way as quickly as possible. While it’s possible to eat quite healthy (their “plain slims” are literally just meat and bread, and there are plenty of veggie options), you can also load up on the fat and calories. Here are the seven unhealthiest Giant Club sandwiches, which come on seven-grain wheat bread.

#7 Club Lulu
Fat: 35 grams
Calories: 720
Sodium: 1,910 milligrams

#6 Hunter’s Club
Fat: 38 grams
Calories: 800
Sodium: 1,890 milligrams

#5 Beach Club
Fat: 43 grams
Calories: 810
Sodium: 1,830 milligrams

#4 Italian Night Club
Fat: 54 grams
Calories: 934
Sodium: 2,414 milligrams

#3 Gourmet Veggie Club
Fat: 60 grams
Calories: 970
Sodium: 1,760 milligrams

#2 Ultimate Porker
Fat: 36 grams
Calories: 1000
Sodium: 2,230 milligrams


#1 Club Tuna
 Fat: 56 grams
Calories: 1000
Sodium: 2,230 milligrams