Jessica Biel Seduces a Yeti for Denny's

She's the first celebrity to take on season 2 of their web series 'Always Open''

Still From the Video

After-prom staple and greasy breakfast provider Denny's has just kicked off season two of its web series Always Open, with Dave Koechner, and we're surprised more people aren't watching. Sure, it's a family-friendly brand trying to be cool, but the talk in the show is rarely about the food.

The season premiere features Jessica Biel, with some burgers and what looks like lemonade (or lemon water?). They talk about the possibility of getting romantic when stranded on a mountain, flirting with a Yeti, and making 1,000 faces.

In the past, Always Open has hosted comedian Sarah Silverman, but we're super excited for Maya Rudolph's appearance and Andy Richter's diner chat. Watch Jessica Biel's interview below.