Jeff McInnis on Yardbird

The chef discusses his Miami restaurant's Southern cuisine
Jeff Mcinnis on Yardbird

The Miami chef discusses his Southern restaurant


No one in their right mind would consider Miami the South, but Northern Florida-raised and Charleston-trained chef Jeff McInnis felt he needed to bring Southern cooking to the continental United States' southernmost state.

The result is Yardbird, and it has recieved a lot of accolades since it opened last year. Most of the meals are served family-style and the bar is also Southern-influenced, with the majority of drinks made with bourbon. McInnis admits that the concept and execution is little different for the area:  "It's a simple concept, but it's not your typical Miami concept... We wanted to bring some real good Southern food to Miami and I don't think it's been done too successfully before," he says.

He recommends classics like the fried chicken and feels that the menu is full of "basic, good, solid Southern food."


For more on the restaurant, the Miami produce and McInnis' biscuits check out the video above!