Jeff Koons Designed A $20K Champagne Bottle

Dom Pérignon collaboration results in mini Balloon Venus

If regular Dom Pérignon isn’t fancy enough, and even rare vintages aren’t enough to thrill, the Champagne producer has teamed up with artist Jeff Koons to create a bottle for even the fanciest of people. It retails for $20,000.

To celebrate the release of the 2003 Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne, Koons created a limited edition version where the bottle is housed in a resin sculpture called “The Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon.” It’s a small version of Koons’ original Balloon Venus sculpture, which is currently on display at New York’s Gagosian gallery.

“The Balloon Venus represents to me an object from the Paleolithic time period,” Koons said in an interview with Elle. “The Champagne of Dom Pérignon is an old Champagne. It’s not Paleolithic but it represents history, and that is what the Balloon Venus represents."

According to the Dom Pérignon Facebook page, the Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus is “the first result of the creative collision” between the Champagne company and the famous artist, which seems to imply that more highbrow Champagne cases will be in store for high-end Champagne collectors in the future.


$20,000 is a lot for a bottle of Champagne, but compared with the price of one of Koons’ full-sized sculptures, the mini version is kind of a steal. And the original isn’t even full of Champagne.