Internet Users Can’t Tell Moon From Slices of Ham

To be fair, the pictures are really confusing
Moon or Ham meme

It's actually pretty hard to tell which circle is the "Strawberry Moon" and which are slices of delicious pink ham. 

“Can you tell X from Y?” memes have been part of the Internet since people realized it’s actually really hard to tell a butt from an elbow, but now a new Internet meme running around Japan proves that it’s harder to tell the moon from a slice of ham than one might think.

On June 20 the world was treated to the sight of a “strawberry moon,” which means the full moon appeared low and pink in the sky. According to Rocket News 24, Japanese Twitter user Terubou-Cos celebrated the event by posting a bewildering photo of four slightly pinkish circles.

“Only one of these is a picture of the ‘strawberry moon,’” he wrote. “The rest are ham.”

It’s actually surprisingly difficult to tell a picture of the moon from a slice of ham unless one happens to remember what the topography of the moon looks like off the top of one’s head.

Then, just to make things more difficult, he posted an even bigger version comparing the moon to 14 slices of meat. It’s easy to discount the salami and pepperoni as distinctly non-moonlike, but some of the sandwich slices do look quite a bit like planets.

Moon or Ham answers

Helpfully, there’s an answer key available here.

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