Japanese Pro Wrestler Stuns Internet with Enormous Breakfast

A Japanese pro wrestler shared a photo of his huge breakfast

Pro wresteler Manabu Nakanishi's breakfast is pretty enormous. 

It takes a lot of energy to keep a professional athlete going, but nobody was expecting quite how much food they would see when professional wrestler Manabu Nakanishi started posting photos of his daily breakfasts to Twitter.

According to Rocket News 24, 48-year-old Nakanishi is 6’1” and 264 pounds and wrestles with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It makes sense that an athlete of his size would have to consume a lot of food, but he posted a photo of his “Monster Morning” breakfast and the sight of all that food on one table stunned fans across the Internet.

On September 6, Nakanishi’s table was covered in 13 plates of food and six beverages. He had two huge salads, pumpkin, an omelet, ham, sausage, some more vegetables, some croquettes, some fruit plates, and five large bread rolls. He also had two cups of coffee, miso soup, a glass of milk, and two glasses of juice.

Nakanishi’s “Monster Monday” was not a special spread, either. He posted his breakfast again the next day, and this time it had only nine plates of food, including one large bowl of Corn Flakes. Nakanishi has been posting his breakfasts since April, and a spread that could break a normal table seems normal for him.