Japanese Store Hands Out Sailor Moon Costumes for Beverages

Costumes turn bottles into pretty sailor soldiers

Dressing your water bottle up like Sailor Moon will help it fight evil by moonlight, and also keep your stuff dry. 

A cold bottle of water or tea will help keep a person cool during the summer. Now they’ll also make you ready to fight evil by moonlight, thanks to one Japanese convenience store that is giving away tiny little Sailor Moon costumes so people can dress up their beverages.

According to Rocket News 24, the Mini Stop chain of grocery stores in Japan is handing out absorbent cotton sleeves printed to look like the costumes of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and their cat guardian, Luna. They would be great cosplay costumes, except for the fact that they are sized to fit 16-ounce plastic bottles. A cosplaying bottle might be enough of a draw on its own for a Sailor Moon superfan, but the chain says these little bottle costumes are actually quite practical, too. When it is hot out, cold bottles tend to drip condensation, and that can be a problem if a person puts the bottle in a bag, where everything else will get soaked.

Some people apparently wrap their bottles in hand towels, but why use a hand towel when there’s a tiny, bottle-sized Sailor Moon costume available?


The bottle covers are being handed out while supplies last for free with any purchase of Oi Ocha cold green tea.