Japan Invents Coffee Spread for Toast

Who needs avocado when you can spread coffee on your toast?

Move over, avocado toast. A Japanese company just made a new toast spread made of actual coffee, and it even has caffeine in it. 

Move over, avocado. Who needs Nutella? The spreads of yesterday are old news now that Japan has figured out a way to make it so people can spread coffee directly onto their toast in the morning.

According to Rocket News 24, Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand company is famous for a cold, milky coffee sold all around Japan. It’s been one of the company’s most popular products for 55 years, but only now has the company had the brilliant idea of turning its sweet, caffeinated coffee beverage into a Nutella-like spread.


The new coffee spread is designed to be put on toast, bread, pastries, or whatever else it comes into a person’s head to spread things on. The company promises it really tastes just like the original Snow Brand coffee, and it is even reported to be caffeinated. It sounds like it’d make a good breakfast, or a good late-night snack for college students.