Jamie Oliver Teases 'Food Fight Club' with 'Fight Club' Parody

Unfortunately, he's not very good at being a badass

Jamie Oliver might be an adorable, do-gooder Brit, but he has a dark side; or at least, that's what this Fight Club parody will have you think (and also that one time he called a reporter some names).

The healthy-eating advocate is launching a new food series in the U.K., Eater reports, called Food Fight Club, where Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty find the best food in Britain and see if French, German, or Italian iterations can match up. And the first rule of Food Fight Club? "Wash your hands."

Watch below as Oliver does his best Brad Pitt impression, and his best intimidating, "Oh, it is on." It's not intimidating at all, but it is adorable to see Oliver and Doherty wearing matching blue flannel shirts, only to tear them off to reveal matching red flannel shirts. No word on whether there will be a case of disassociated personality disorders, but there will be A-list celebs, a Ford Capri, and food. Works for us.