Jamie Oliver Gets His 'Epic Meal Time' Debut

Staff Writer
Oliver gets kidnapped after some celery shenanigans, blames Gordon Ramsay
Jamie Oliver
YouTube/Epic Meal Time

So here's the plan: Kidnap Jamie Oliver by distracting him with some celery talk, tie his hands with candy and shove some sour candy into his mouth, hold him hostage in a refrigerator, order 50 fish fillet sandwiches from the local McDonald's, and make the largest fish and chips sandwich yet.

Then, have Oliver eat it (gasp).

Of course, that's what Epic Meal Time had in store in this episode (thanks Eater), with special guest Jamie Oliver saying things like, "When it comes to snacking you don't need things like french fries and burgers," and, "You stink of bacon!"

Unfortunately, Oliver only appears in a couple of scenes where he literally says the same thing over and over again ("Let me out! It stinks of bacon!") while the actual cooking is done by the Epic Meal Time guys. They mash together fish fillets and fries, bake them up, top with buns of layered fish fillet sandwiches, and add a ton of bacon. And somehow, during all of this, Oliver inexplicably escapes and rushes to find some quinoa.

Watch the whole clip below.


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