Jack In the Box Reveals New 'Bacon Insider Burger'

It's a bacon on bacon on bacon miracle

The new Bacon Insider is a beef-and-bacon patty, sandwiched between two layers of bacon, and covered in a bacon mayonnaise.

Jack in the Box has announced a new burger with lots and lots and lots of bacon. Bacon is mixed into a beef patty, which is then sandwiched between slices of even more bacon. The burger is topped with a creamy bacon mayo, all contained inside a brioche bun. If you prefer your burger to deliver maximum bacon infiltration, this is behemoth was made for you.

Burger Business notes that this “frankenpatty” is the first beef/bacon blend of its kind from a major food chain, joining meats we love in what is perhaps an Epic Meal Time homage. The Bacon Insider will make its national debut during Super Bowl Sunday on Feb 2.


Jamie Vanderwal, Jack in the Box’s Category Leader, told Burger Business that the burger had been in development for several months, and Jack in the Box —which is known for innovative menu tweaks like the waffle sandwich and the brunch burger  spent a lot of time putting together ideal patty. In a series of promotional spots, Jack in the Box shows a farm where pigs and cows have combined into a spotted animal that says “Moink,”  and it's called a bork. "It's a triple threat bacon burger. Really this goes above and beyond any bacon burger we've ever done."