Jack Bauer Bakes Some Dynamite Cupcakes

In a new ad for Acer's Aspire 35 Ultrabook, Kiefer Sutherland revists those '24' days with some awesome explosions

If you miss 24, here's an update on what Jack Bauer is doing. He's baking cupcakes, the badass way.

In what seems to be an ad for a laptop, Kiefer Sutherland revists his action-hero character, tracking down cupcake food truck drivers  on the streets and poor shoppers in grocery stores, plus bossing around his little minion, just to get the perfect recipe for his cupcakes. He even blows up a car to get the branding right. The results? Dynamite cupcakes, complete with double-fisting hand mixers, a blowtorch, and some fake wheels. You know, normal baking stuff. We have a giant blowtorch in our kitchen, don't you?

Watch below as Sutherland shows what he's really passionate about. We can definitely see Bauer taking time off from fighting terrorists and traitors to make these light, fluffy cupcakes, but buying canned ice cream from a grocery store? Please, newbie. We'll show you how it's done.