It's Snowing and We Still Want These Ice Cream Rolls

Also, we want to be in Thailand, but oh well

It's a particularly disgusting day in New York (although it looks like it's stopped snowing), but even so, we're really itching to try these instant ice cream rolls from Thailand.

MMA fighter Mike Swick ended up in Phuket, Thailand, and stumbled across an ice cream stand that wasn't just scooping ice cream into cones. Instead, these vendors were creating instant ice cream rolls, taking the instant ice cream concept from liquid nitrogen fiends everywhere and mashing it up with Cold Stone creamery-esque concoctions.

Watch below as a vendor smashes a banana, adds some strawberries, and then mixes it up with chocolate ice cream crème anglaise over what looks like a freezing work surface. The ice cream slowly freezes as it touches the work surface, incorporates the banana and strawberries, and eventually gets layered out into a giant rectangle, ready to become perfectly-formed cylinders of ice cream. Can anyone fly us off to Thailand now?