Smuggler Fails to Fool Police with Off-Season Cake Full of Money

The smuggler would have gotten away with it if the cake weren’t four months old
Wikimedia/Pasticceria Cucchi dal 1936

The Italian smuggler might have gotten away with it if he'd just hidden his money in an Easter basket instead of a Christmas cake. 

There are worse ways to smuggle goods across a border than to hide them in foodstuffs, but would-be smugglers would do well to remember that carrying wildly stale cakes across national borders is likely to raise suspicion. An Italian businessman thought he was going to get away with smuggling a large amount of cash across the border in a cake this week, but was caught when police asked him why he was carrying a Christmas cake four months out of season.

According to The Local, the man might have gotten away with it if he’d just thought to use an Easter cake instead. The 47-year-old Italian businessman was stopped by police this week who searched his car and found a Christmas cake in the trunk. Curious as to why a person would be traveling with a cake that should have been eaten four months ago, they sliced into it and found 250,000 euros in cash baked inside.

Back at the man’s house, police found another 1.2 million euros hidden in his basement. He was charged with money laundering, and police discovered that he also owed 300,000 euros in unpaid taxes. The smuggler probably had enough to pay that bill hidden in with the Halloween candy. 

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