Italian Classics Under 350 Calories

From the kitchens of Italy, Rocco DiSpirito delivers traditional and healthy meals

Rocco DiSpirito brings his nutritional knowledge to Italian cuisine in his new cookbook, Now Eat This! Italian.

AOL is partnering with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito for the inspired new series Now Eat This! Italian. In a collection of engaging videos, DiSpirito travels the regions of Italy collecting recipes from real Italian ‘mamas.’ The health-conscious twist comes when DiSpirito puts his spin on culinary mainstays like Caprese Salad and Lasagna Bolognese, distilling each dish to under 350 calories while preserving the flavors of the Italian kitchen.

At AOL’s recent event at the International Culinary Center in New York, guests were invited to taste what the series has to offer. Accompanied by DiSpirito’s charismatic and informative instruction, guests cooked recipes from his new cookbook, Now Eat This! Italian: Favorite Dishes from the Real Mamas of Italy.

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The book includes 100 recipes, each of which encompasses DiSpirito’s culinary identity, channeling the old school Italian of his New York childhood while embracing contemporary awareness of diet and nutrition. With two other calorie-conscious titles under his belt, New York Times bestsellers Now Eat This! and Now Eat This! Diet, DiSpirito is well within his wheelhouse on this most recent publication, and it shows.

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Fans of Italian cuisine and health enthusiasts alike will appreciate DiSpirito’s philosophy of fresh, natural ingredients. By using innovative products like Ancient Grains quinoa pasta and a blend of olive water and xanthan gum, which he refers to as “Super Olive Oil,” DiSpirito is able to deliver on his promise of meals that are low-calorie and highly enjoyable. And while some diners may crave the texture of wheat pasta over the toothier quinoa-corn blend, there’s no denying that the Now Eat This! versions of these Italian classics are flavorful, delicious, and entirely original.

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Try these recipes for yourself, and let the flavors of Italy inspire you to eat well and eat right. And tune into Now Eat This! on AOL and discover the charm of real Italian culinary traditions, not to mention the inherent entertainment value of watching the Italian mamas flirt unapologetically with the man People Magazine once voted “sexiest chef alive.”  

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