Restaurant Delivers Cold Medicine With Food

A customer ordered cold medicine with her delivery

A restaurant in Ireland was surprised to see a customer write in and ask for them to stop at the store and buy her some medicine on the way to deliver her dinner. 

A restaurant in Ireland got a surprising order this weekend when a customer put in an order for delivery and used the “add comments” section to ask the delivery driver to pick up some cold medicine on the way.

According to WISTV, a woman sent an online food delivery order to Feeleys Chippy in Belfast on Dec. 30. In the “add comments” section, she wrote, “Will you please stop in spar on the way and get me Benylin Cold and Flu tablets and I’ll give you the money. Only ordering food so I can get the tablets I’m dying sick.”

The restaurant posted a photo of the receipt with the comment to Facebook, adding: “Good to see my customers making use of the ‘add comments’ section!!!!! Words absolutely fail me.”

Feeleys Chippy came through, though, and sent a pack of Benylin Cold & Flu medicine along with the customer’s order.

“Only the best service here at Feeleys,” the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page.


The post has been liked more than 14,000 times and shared more than 3,700 times. Feeleys Chippy told the customer to give them a call when she was feeling better and they’d send her a free meal.