Introducing the Entertain Power Panel of Experts

With the advice of the best planners in the business, we’ll help you host a successful party every time

Say hello to our amazing power panel of entertain experts.

When it comes to entertaining, we do our best to cover all the ins and outs of hosting a successful soirée or dinner. However, when it comes to advice — and hosting advice at that — it’s better to take as many cues from the pros as possible.

Who better to listen to for advice on planning and executing the perfect dinner party, crafting the ideal menu, creating a gorgeous atmosphere, and being on the cusp of seasonal trends in weddings, events, and big bashes than the people who do it day after day?

We’ve conjured up a serious panel of entertaining, planning, and designing experts who collectively have crafted high-profile celebrity events, planned $1 million weddings, and have come to put as much panache into their own parties as they would for a gala.

Week after week, we’ll question the panel — with experts spanning from coast to coast — on a subject that pertains to hosting, planning, and creating an event that will impress. They’ll respond based on their professional experience, and provide detailed suggestions and tips on how to achieve the task at hand with ease.

So whether you’ve volunteered your home for the official kick-off to summer or next year's Thanksgiving dinner, or if you’re just beginning your wedding planning process, or if you just want to create a stellar dinner party menu and execute it well, look no further than this panel. We’ve created a resource that’s more complete than anything else out there — a go-to guide for seamlessly entertaining guests at any and all occasions.

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