Introducing The Daily Meal’s Ultimate Tailgating Guide

We have you covered for every parking lot party you want to throw

Score big with The Daily Meal's Ultimate Tailgating Guide!

It’s football season. Finally! Now, whether you're a die-hard fanatic or a fair-weather fan, you will most likely be attending at least one sporting event this season. 

So to get you in the groove of all things tailgate, we’ve compiled a hefty guide fit for all entertainers, grillers, and sports fans alike. 

Here, we show you how to build a mouthwatering menu, sip on cocktails that have team spirit, and decorate in your team’s winning colors, all paired with some advice from the pros. 

The guide is filled with all of the tools, recipes, and party tips that you will need for this season and many more seasons to come. The Daily Meal will point you — and your team! — to tailgating victory. 

Head here to score big with The Daily Meal’s Ultimate Tailgating Guide.