Interview with Gordon Ramsay Goes Bad

A Guardian reporter's interview with Gordon Ramsay ends in icy silence

Gordon Ramsay

Here is an oh-so-good but super awkward story about a reporter from The Guardian and her interview with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The focus of the interview, as the reporter is quick to note, is Ramsay's upcoming reality show in the UK, Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars. The show features Ramsay going into Brixton prison, where he teaches inmates how to cook.

What starts out as a discussion about the show, however, ends up as a discussion about his multiple lawsuits, family life, and of course, a bit about prisons. The interview ends when the two leave without saying good bye, because the discussion ended up being "too personal."

"Did that really just happen? Did the man who once yelled at Edwina Currie on camera, 'One minute you are shagging the prime minister, now you're trying to shag me from behind,' just get upset with me for being 'too personal'?" Decca Aitkenhead wrote.

Still, Aitkenhead got a lot of gems out of the interview, including Ramsay's thoughts on the prison system. "What I wasn't prepared for was how easy it was for them in there. I was astounded at the comfort zone they carve out for themselves," he said. "Five meal choices a night – that was the one I really struggled with. I just thought it was a bit of a joke, to be honest. Coupled with 24-hour television, Xbox, DVDs, gym. We can't watch television until four o'clock in the morning. I'd like to have a gym seven days a week, by the way."

As for whether Ramsay rather enjoys starting a row? "Of course I do." Read on for the full account.