International Fast-Food Chain Holiday Foods

The holiday season is all about indulging. Rich Christmas food, cakes, candy, drinks... and fast food? Though most of us probably don't head to a McDonald's to get our holiday food fix, fast-food chains all over the world have prepared to cater to people feeling the holiday spirit. America's most popular fast-food spots, such as McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC, might not have the most interesting and special holiday offerings, but when you take a look at these restaurants' locations around the globe, you can find some interesting and truly special holiday menu items.

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In Japan, KFC has become a real Christmas tradition, with people placing orders for their "Party Barrel" a month in advance, and waiting more than two hours to pick up their bucket of fried chicken. While the menu itself sticks to the standards, the way KFC is considered a Christmas staple — in a country where Christmas isn't even a national holiday — is a quite interesting and unique phenomenon. While chicken is the traditional way to go on Japanese Christmas, Burger King is testing the waters with their new giant 8-inch "King's Turkey" legs, served with a massive amount of (fried) sides. 

More unusual menu items can be found in Singapore, where Christmas for some reason means pizza — in layers. Pizza Hut Singapore celebrates Christmas with a special Double Decker, consisting of a stuffed-crust pizza topped with another thin-crust pizza, and a long list of toppings, including ham "hot dogs" wrapped in turkey and cheese. Needless to say, this pizza takes "holiday indulging" to another level, especially if bought as a Christmas Fiesta Meal, which includes sides such as chicken legs or truffle mushroom baked pasta.

Still hungry? Want to know where you can have a Merry "Cheesemas" or be happy in a "Winter Whopperland"? Go ahead and click through our slideshow to see all of our unusual and over-the-top holiday menu items in fast-food restaurants around the globe, from sweet mincemeat pies to a Santa burger.