Inside a Meal at Noma

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We take a look at Copenhagen's renowed restaurant
Inside a Meal at Noma

We take a look at just one day in Copenhagen's renowed restaurant

Noma fish dish
Daniel Gourvitch

Noma dish

Noma is a world-renowned restaurant — it sits at number one on the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, just to name one accolade — but often its notoriety precedes it. If you’ve been lucky enough to snag one of the difficult reservations at Noma, upon your return you will often be bombarded with questions by people trying to understand what the food there even is. Most know that the restaurant is Nordic and modern and often uses unconventional ingredients, but what is often missing from the description is the precision, deliciousness, and incredible detail in both preparation and presentation. Because there are so many courses, a meal there is often hard to describe — and even if someone tries to describe it, it is nearly impossible without visual aid.

So for those who want an inside look, watch the video above! And hopefully it will make you look forward to our next ‘At the Chef’s Table’ with René Redzepi starting April 22 and continuing each Monday for five weeks. 

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All photos courtesy of Daniel Gourvitch.