Inhalable Caffeine May Be Dangerous

Adults are making waves about 'AeroShot'


Inhalable caffeine product, AeroShot is scheduled to launch in Boston and New York next week (just in time for New Year's Eve parties, we presume), and already they're getting bad press.

Reportedly, the American Academy of Pediatrics president wrote a letter to AeroShot's company, Breathable Foods, taking issue with the product's promotion as a "party drug." "Mixing caffeine and alcohol is dangerous and potentially life-threatening, particularly for adolescents," he wrote.

He also claims that the inhalable caffeine can be dangerous sans alcohol if it enters the lungs.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is also speaking up about AeroShot, claiming that it's "nothing more than a club drug designed to give users the ability to drink until they drop."

Of course, Breathable Foods shot back with a statement on its web site, emphasizing that AeroShot complies with FDA guidelines and is completely safe when following the label directions. But who knows what kids will do these days? They already soak their gummy bears and tampons in vodka.

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