This Infomercial Gadget Actually Sharpens Credit Cards to Slice Tomatoes

Consumer Reports tests out the Edge of Glory, and discovers it actually works on credit cards

Yeah, we're not going to lie; some of the knives in our kitchens are hardly sharp, so we've definitely sat back once or twice and been like, hmmm, maybe I should get an Edge of Glory Ultimate Knife Sharpener. Or maybe we should just buy new knives.

Turns out, we don't need to buy new knives. We just need a credit card and an Edge of Glory. Consumer Reports decided to test out this kitschy product on a fancy knife, a cheap knife, and a credit card. The verdict? Not as effective on pricey gear, but fairly effective on a cheap knife. And the credit card? Turns out, it actually works, as they slice a tomato with a credit card. Of course, you probably won't get mandoline-like slices with a credit card, but hey, if you're of the chop-and-assemble salad-eating crowd, this is just for you. Don't spend $50 on a set of good knives; just ruin an old credit card and spend $12 on this Edge of Glory gadget.

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