In-N-Out Employee Arrested for Attempt on Boss’ Life

An In-N-Out server was caught waiting for his boss with a gun
Wikimedia/Karsten Behrens

A former In-N-Out employee was found lurking in the restaurant parking lot with loaded guns. 

A disgruntled former In-N-Out employee was arrested last week for attempted murder, because police say he was found lying in wait for the In-N-Out manager with a car full of loaded guns.

According to Jezebel, 23-year-old Eric Bloss was a former employee of an In-N-Out restaurant in Los Angeles who was reportedly dissatisfied with his career after having failed to find work as a geologist since graduating from UC Berkeley last year. He also had it in for the manager of the In-N-Out, who Bloss felt was unfair to him when they worked together.

Bloss was caught by police around 2 a.m. on Monday in the parking lot of the In-N-Out where he used to work. A witness had reportedly seen Bloss fill the tank of the manager’s car with sugar and reported the sighting to police. When police arrived, they found Bloss lurking near the car with three loaded guns..

“We believe that an attack was imminent. It was just interrupted,” said Detective Jeff Davis of the Glendale Police Department.


Bloss has been charged with attempted murder.