IKEA Is Selling A Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny You Have To Assemble Yourself

Customers of Swedish furniture giant IKEA are used to putting together their own furniture. But now they'll have to hop to it and assemble their own chocolate bunny. (Thankfully, it doesn't look too hare-raising.)

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The chocolate bunny wittily mimics IKEA's famed assembly-not-included furniture, which famously come in "flat packs," meaning boxes that contain the pieces laid flat with instructions so you can put them together yourself. The IKEA way means the furniture is often inexpensively priced, but sometimes requires more craftsperson know-how than some buyers care to display.

The milk-chocolate bunny, which goes by the Swedish name VÅRKÄNSLA, comes in three pieces. The ears are one piece, the head and torso another, and the legs are the third. It doesn't appear very tough to assemble, and honestly, if you wanted to gobble it down in pieces, no one will tell on you.

A representative for IKEA told The Daily Meal in an email that the bunny is available in both U.S. and U.K. IKEA stores while supplies last. The U.S. IKEA website does list the item, priced at $4.29, but it's not available online, so hop down the bunny trail to an actual IKEA store as quickly as you can if you want one.

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