IKEA Gets In The Swim With New Salmon Meatballs

The furniture chain now offers four varieties of meatballs in its cafeterias

Furniture shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite way to spend a Saturday, but at least if you’re shopping at IKEA, you can refuel with a tasty meal in the Swedish chain’s acclaimed cafeteria. The original Swedish meatballs have been popular for years, and now the meatball menu has a new addition: Salmon meatballs.

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IKEA is trying to be earth- and eco-conscious as well as taste-conscious with the new item. The salmon meatballs are made from Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified salmon with the addition of Marine Stewardship Council-certified cod, then seasoned with seaweed and lemongrass.

“For the product development of the salmon balls we looked at processing of salmon and realized that there is a lot of potential in other parts of this fantastic fish, the smaller pieces that cannot be used as fillets,” Sabrina Anania-Stepanian, product developer  for IKEA Food Services AB, said in a statement. “We worked closely with our suppliers, optimized the process and together created this tasty source of protein with a lower carbon footprint.”

IKEA’s meatball menu just keeps expanding. In 2014, the company introduced chicken meatballs and plant-based veggie meatballs (OK, not really “meat,” but you get the idea). The classic Swedish meatballs, which are made with beef and pork, remain on the menu too.

The salmon balls won’t be in all markets right away, but IKEA says in a press release that “selected markets” should begin to see them before the end of 2018. A test in Portugal showed that over 80 percent of restaurant guests liked the new item, and almost 90 percent “appreciated the salmon balls as a more sustainable option.”


This isn’t IKEA’s only headline-making menu addition in 2018. The chain’s rainbow veggie dog debuted in U.S. stores this fall, and has become a big hit. If you’re a fan of salmon meatballs and other fishy foods, check out 24 foolproof seafood recipes anyone can cook.