If These Food Network Stars Were Cocktails

Food Network stars have big personalities, so which creative cocktails would they be?

With Food Network’s four-day food and wine extravaganza (New York City Wine and Food Festival) starting tomorrow, it’s only fitting that we ponder what some of our favorite personalities would be if they were cocktails.

Alton Brown: Bacon Old Fashioned

The Good Eats creator and host started out his food television career by taking a scientific look at food and recipes, but rose to popularity hosting Iron Chef America, and now Cutthroat Kitchen. This Atlanta-dweller has a soft spot for Southern cuisine and classic dishes, but with a fun, modern twist (see: Analog Tweets @altonbrown), traits that his cocktail embodies.

Photo Credit: Maryse Chevriere

Bobby Flay: Espresso Martini

This Food Network darling started out Grillin’ & Chillin’ back in 1996 and no one has been able to stop him, or more appropriately, Beat Bobby Flay, since. This Iron Chef and restaurateur has starred in over 14 shows for the Food Network and authored 12 cookbooks, among other numerous projects. It’s amazing that this native New Yorker even finds time to sleep, which is why his drink reflects his gentleman’s charm and unstoppable drive.

Photo Credit: Flickr/kapital

Guy Fieri: Scorpion Bowl

After winning the second season of The Next Food Network Star, Guy made his debut as the star of his own show Guy’s Big Bite, but his popularity skyrocketed with the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which takes him on a crisscrossing tour of the country in search of places where the food is good and, above all, fun to eat. His drink is as big as his personality, hair, and appetite.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Amy Messere

Rachael Ray: Whiskey Sour

This 30 Minute Meals star is the poster child for accessible, charming celebrity chef-hood. The seed of her success started out at the Albany, N.Y. gourmet market where she worked. Those demos and classes led to a weekly news segment, appearances on public radio, and finally the Today Show, which led to a contract with the Food Network. Since then she has become Food Network’s crossover star with 21 cookbooks, a daytime talk show, and a magazine, among other projects. Her drink is quick go-to classic, like her and brand she has built.

Photo Credit:Flickr/Paul Goyette

Sandra Lee: Spicy Margarita

This Semi-Homemade star made it okay to cheat (just a little), proving you don’t have to do everything from scratch to make it great. Oh, and we’re not just talking food; her “tablescapes,” featured in every episode depending on the theme/occasion, proved that entertaining can be easy with just a little know-how. Since her first show, she has starred in numerous others, authored books, and has a magazine that bears her name and brand. Her significant other also happens to be New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Her cocktail is sweet and a little spicy, just like her.


Photo Credit: Flickr/Reese Lloyd