Iced Tea Cocktails

This ain't your momma's iced tea

For me, iced tea is a bit of a nostalgic drink. Being a summer baby, I have always had a serious love for the beach and the pool, and nothing would make my waterside experiences more delectable than a giant jug of iced tea — not too sweet, with lots of lemon and mint.

This drink does more than cool me to the core; it’s also incredibly delicious and has a lot more character than drinking a soda or juice. Throw in some booze, citrus, and fresh herbs, and you have something seriously delicious to imbibe.

The nice thing about iced tea is that it can be prepared any which way you like and can be tweaked to an exact flavor profile that suits you. Another nice thing? Its mild flavor, whether you like it sweetened or unsweetened, makes it an excellent mixer.

The key to a perfect iced tea cocktail is finding that perfect balance of ingredients — spirits, juices, herbs — and having them really complement each other. Whether you want to keep it classic with an Arnold Palmer (recipe below) or give it a little Southern flare (recipe also below), an iced tea cocktail is the perfect way to sip the summer in the best of taste.

Here are some of our favorite iced tea cocktails, all perfect for enjoyment by the pool, on the beach, or even on your front porch.

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— Sara Kay, The