Ice-T Shocks World By Admitting He’s Never Had A Bagel Or Coffee

How did the musician and actor live to the age of 60 without munching a bagel or drinking coffee?
Ice-T, bagel
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Food seems so universal that it can be shocking to learn that a familiar meal item or beverage to many is novel to others. So when musician and actor Ice-T revealed on Twitter that he’d never eaten a bagel – or had a cup of coffee – fans weren’t sure if he was serious.

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In a recent episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Ice-T’s character, Odafin Tutuola, offers a bite of a cinnamon-raisin bagel to Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish).

On Friday, Ice-T was asked why a cinnamon-raisin bagel, and he explained it was just in the script. When someone then asked what his own favorite bagel was, he said “I’ve never had a bagel in my life.”

But…on the show? Ice-T reminded fans that the show is make-believe.

The man has a point. While Ice-T was seen holding the bagel, the episode never showed him actually eating it, as a video put together by New York Magazine’s Vulture proves. Ice-T must have liked the video, as he retweeted it, dubbing the scandal “Bagelgate 2018.”

Some fans couldn’t understand how Ice-T, now 60,  was raised in New Jersey, so close to bagel-happy New York City, yet never ate a bagel. A representative for Ice-T said the musician had no comment.

Ice-T took a lot of heat from apparent bagel-lovers, or perhaps just people who wanted to needle the Body Count co-founder. He was criticized for misspelling “bagel” and for seeming unbothered by the fact that others were so shocked by his eating habits.

“It’s like I said, ‘I hate anyone who eats bagels!’” the actor said in a tweet.

He doesn’t hate all common foods: “I do like jelly doughnuts!” he said in another response.

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Ice-T’s bagel blind spot started other readers talking about other foods they’ve never eaten, from bagels to chitterlings, or other common things they’ve never done. (Ice-T has never seen the movie “ET.”) And then the man who shares his name with an icy beverage confessed he’s never consumed a certain hot drink: “I’ve never drank a cup of coffee either. GO CRAZY!” Ice-T wrote. If this whole discussion has you in the mood for a delicious bagel with a schmear, here are the best bagels outside of New York.