The Hummus Feast

Gilt City New York offers hummus-lovers an exclusive tasting at the Openhouse Gallery.

Hummus Chefs

The perfect start to a Sunday morning, Gilt City New York offered an exclusive tasting of five different hummus at the Openhouse Gallery in Manhattan on June 12th. Not only was the space the perfect venue to admire art works by Malado Baldwin, it provided a delightful atmosphere for restaurant vendors to show off their own original hummus recipes.

With Le Poisson wine flowing and juice from Bella Lula, hummus-lovers got to sample tastes from Pita Joe, 12 Chairs Cafe, Moustache Pitza, TOUM and Le Sajj. Each hummus had a distinct taste, with flavors including ingredients such as tahini sauce fresh parsley.

After rounds of tasting, the participants, who were given orange ping-pong balls to vote for their favorite hummus, were offered "palate cleansers" in the form of delicious baklavas from Zalatimo.

My pick?

12 Chairs Cafe, whose hummus was smooth and filled with a variety of spices (the garlic was especially fragrant), along with their fluffy (almost cloud-like) homemade pita breads.


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