Hugh Acheson Will Shave His Unibrow for $100K

Yes, you read correctly

If you watch Top Chef, you’re aware of the infamous unibrow that sits atop judge Hugh Acheson’s forehead. You’re not alone in the urge to want to tweeze, the only difference is now you can do something about it.

Yes, you read correctly. Hugh Acheson will shave his “Hughnibrow” for $100,000. In fact, he’ll probably wax/shave anything — for charity! Wholesome Wave, an organization that pairs some of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods with local, fresh produce, has created “Hugh’s Eyebrow Challenge,” in order to raise money for their efforts.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, it’s about time.” Yes, it is, though Acheson says he’ll just grow it back later on because it’s part of his shtick. He even tweeted about it.

If getting that middle patch of hair out, even if only temporarily, isn’t initiative enough, think of the cause — we’re fans!

You have until March 1, or the brow stays.

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