How to Tip (or Not to Tip) Your Server While Traveling

Learn how much, when, and where to tip when traveling internationally

It is confusing knowing how much to tip when you're traveling, especially in foreign countries. Use this guide to make your travels easier.

Finding a good meal while traveling can be tough, especially if you’re looking to avoid overcrowded tourist joints. But knowing when and how much to tip can be even tougher. If the service is worth it, then most Americans are used to tipping 15 to 20 percent to the waiter to help make up for their measly salary.

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However, just because something is customary in America doesn’t mean that it is expected elsewhere. For example, some countries in Europe, including the U.K. and France, automatically add in the tip, and it is considered an insult to tip in many Asian countries. In order to not come off as inappropriate or just plain rude, it’s best to know your proper tipping etiquette before you go.

Different countries have different ideas of what good service includes, so be sure to adjust your idea of "good service" based on where you are traveling. To make learning these customs simpler, we’ve put together this tipping etiquette guide that covers some of the most popular international destinations.


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