How to Sear a Fish

Todd Mitgang of Crave Fishbar gives his tips for cooking the perfect fish
How to Sear Fish
Searing fish
Ali Rosen

Searing fish

Searing a fish perfectly is one of those kitchen skills that seems like it should be easy, and yet somehow it often goes wrong for the home cook. Luckily, Todd Mitgang from Crave Fishbar was willing to walk us through the finer points to make sure we end up with a fish that is soft on one side and perfectly crisp on the other.

One of the key starting points is having a hot pan to begin your sauté; placing the fish in a cold pan and then warming it up will not do the trick. Once the fish is on the pan, press it down with a fish spatula to ensure even cooking. Most importantly, patience is a virtue here. The minute you sneak a peek and turn your fish over too early, your sear is done for.

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For the full tutorial, watch the video above! And if you want to avoid doing it yourself, you can head over to Crave Fishbar to taste chef Mitgang’s version.