How to Mathematically Cut a Bagel

It's complicated, but gives you much more surface area for cream cheese

Bagels are already a wonderous invention for breakfast, but some genius has created a way to make them even better.

YouTube user George Hart brings us the mathematically correct way to slice open a bagel. The trick? Make four cuts, moving in a swirl around the bagel, to create two interlocking pieces that fit together perfectly. Never lose the other half of the bagel again!

Of course, it's all very complicated, so here's a video to help you out. According to instructions, you cut horizontally, then veritcally, then horizontally again on the inside of the bagel on four sides, rotating at 180 degrees. That's four cuts total, two on each side. Confused yet? Watch below for a step-by-step tutorial, then try to get your local bagel guy to do it. You get more surface area for that cream cheese, too.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.