How to Organize Your Kitchen for Health in 7 Steps

The way your kitchen is organized could affect your eating habits

Your kitchen organization could help you eat better.

One the best ways to kick-start a wellness regime is to make your environment conducive to health… especially healthy eating. The most important place to do this, of course, is the kitchen. So grab your apron, some dish gloves, and learn how to organize your kitchen the healthy way.

1. Make the kitchen a place of cooking and eating… not bill paying or paper piling
Typically, when you arrive at home, you head straight to the kitchen. This universally common pattern really must be changed.

Not only are you more likely to engage in behavioral eating — the act of eating due to a routine, not a true physical need to eat — but also ruining the "karma of the kitchen" with bills, papers, and piles of junk.

So, you must first remove all of this unnecessary clutter.

2. Choose a new room as your home arrival destination
Begin by packing up all of the stuff that usually gets dumped in the kitchen. Bring it to another room… preferably one with a desk. This should be your new first stop upon getting home.

When you first walk in the door, go directly to this newly designated room. Drop off your mail, your bag, your wallet, etc. and then take a minute to de-stress. Do not attempt to de-stress in the kitchen!

3. Thin out your cabinets
Now that your counters have been freed of non-kitchen essentials, it’s time to open the cabinets and see what you need to keep, what you need to ditch, and what you need to organize. If you open the cabinets to find more papers and more non-kitchen-related items, just toss them into a big bowl to sort through later.

Things to keep… but only if you actually use them:

• Bread Machine
• Toaster
• Rice Cooker
• Slow Cooker
• Coffee Maker
• Juicer
• Mixer
• Soda Streamer
• Food Processor


Things to eliminate:
• Deep-Fryer
• Snow Cone Machine
• Any Infomercial Kitchen Item You Bought, Used Once, and Now Store in Your Cabinets
• Giant Cupcake Mold
• Storage Containers Without Lids