Create Your Own Candy Buffet

Tips and advice for assembling a spread of sweets for your next party

Candy buffet

Instead of serving cupcakes or a traditional dessert at your next party, put together a colorful candy buffet that will surely awaken everyone's sweet tooth. Guests can’t help but exclaim with glee at the sight of jars and boxes of chocolates and chews of all shapes, sizes, and colors that they can scoop to their heart’s content.

Before you go out shopping for candy, read our tips below for planning the perfect spread. While a candy buffet is often used as a favor for any shower, birthday party, wedding or other celebration, it also makes for a fun, surprising alternative to dessert for a cocktail or dinner party. After all, what host doesn’t want to send their guests home with a memorable sweet taste left in their mouth?


Choose a Theme

1. Color

Most candy buffets are distinguished by color. Opting for a monochromatic look with variation in sizes, textures, and shades of candies makes for a fantastic visual focal point for your event. Or go in the opposite direction and plan to use an a rainbow of colorful candy for a more circus-themed look.


2. Flavor

You can also plan a candy buffet around a specific flavor. Make it a celebration of one flavor like vanilla, berry, or caramel. Or go for classic flavor combinations like peanut butter and chocolate, or berries and vanilla. Have a birthday child who loves bubble gum? Choose a variety of pops and candies with bubble gum flavors and centers.


3. Favorite Variety

If you’re creating a candy buffet in honor of a bride and groom, or one person, honor that person by offering a selection of their favorite candies in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If the guest of honor loves chocolate, then consider a palate of all the best little chocolate bites like mini Snickers, Dove Promises, Ferrero Rocher, and See’s chocolate lollipops. My personal candy buffet would be all gummy candies, with my favorite gummy grapefruits as the star of the show. If I did one for my grandmother, I would showcase a variety of vintage candies popular in her youth, including her favorite hard candies in sassafras and root beer flavors. You can also choose candies that are popular with your guests.